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Amy Mowbray

I feel your pain. I'm tired all the time too. I'm going to start exercising and see if that makes a difference. I hope it does.


You need to be kind to yourself. I know that the first year with a little one is hard no matter what, especially when you have older ones to look after! When I was nursing, I gave myself 1 job a day that I had to do and if I got that one thing done I felt good.
Monday: Mopping (vacuuming/floors)
Tuesday: Tubs (bathrooms)
Wednesday: Washing (catching up the laundry)
Thursday: Trash (Empty out trash cans and do paperwork)
Friday: Featherdust

I can tell by your blog that you're a great mom and I'm in awe of all you can do with 3 little ones. I only have 2 and I still struggle to get everything done!

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