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I'm sorry you had a bad day yesterday. I hope your little ones get over their sickness and things start looking brighter for you.


Girl that is okay! We all have 'dark' times, it is best to talk about them!


hi. i have been reading your blog for a bit now and have read your references to your son's behavior. i too have a challenging son. care to elaborate on your issues? i am always looking for someone to talk to about my guy.


WOW! Please don't feel as though you must be caretaker to all those who read your blog! We all check in because we relate, we care, and we are drawn to your honesty. Know that by sharing things about yourself you are helping others! There is a quote I love by Luciano deCrescenzo (I think)
"we are, each one of us, angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by embracing one another."

So embrace sister! Or be embraced.
AND for Pete's sake, be gentle with yourself

Amy Mowbray

I hope your kids feel better soon.
We love you.


((((Hugs)))) I thought I would check in on you on your blog since I have not heard from you in awhile. I am sorry to see tha you are having such a hard week... SID can be very challenging. Its a lot of two steps forward and then a step back. Camden is still very young and just starting his journey. I do promise you though, it does get easier. Kyle has made so much progress over the last few years. He still has bad days, but the good days far outweigh the bad now. His sensory issues are for the most part under control. We now have more successes than setbacks. In time it will happen for you and Camden too. I dont know if you ever had a chance to check my blog, but Kyle ended up winning 4th place last night and will be moving on to districts.. He won a trophy that he really wanted. Keep your chin up and remember I am available to talk anytime..

Jolene George

Being a mom is the HARDEST job that's why Heavely Father intrusted it to women. I've cried so much through the years. You and your family will be in my prayers. He will give you strength to handle whatever comes your way.


I happened upon your blog from another and was immediately captivated by the line of buttons! I enjoyed reading your posts and related to feeling down. I am mom to 3 (two of which are twins with challenging behaviors). Its tough to be a mom but nice to know there are many who struggle from time to time. I saw someone refered to SID (sensory integrative disorder?). I am an OTR so if you ever have any questions feel free to ask or bounce off ideas. I have down days too but often times it helps me to take stock in what's happening and leads me to something better. Take care.

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