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hey there Laura,

i am glad to hear that you felt relief along with grief. The grief (fear) is real and needs to be felt. The relief is the feeling that will stay with you after the grief has left. (do i make sense?) the fear honey, that is always going to be there no matter what! We all fear the same things for our children! The fact that Camden has a loving and supportive family puts him way ahead of so many other kids that have no diagnosis. The kids that don't have stability, support, unconditional love etc. have a much harder time. I work in a special school program and see a huge variety of kids each year. The ones that have support and love do AMAZINGLY WELL, you know this. I wish you strength and continued courage on the next chapter of your lives!


(((Hugs!))) You're such a good Mamma, Laura. You need to know that.
I think that knowing exactly what the diagnosis is will be a good thing, because now you can know how to help him better.
I will pray for strength, wisdom and courage for you and Jeromy.
And I know that Camden is blessed to have such a loving family.
(((Hugs again!)))


((((Hugs))))) Having received an AS diagnosis too, I know exactly how you feel. Relief that you actually know, but yet at the same time a little sad, scared etc.. Knowledge is power, and you are one of the lucky ones who found out early.. AS kids are extremely smart and able to learn so much. While social skills do not come naturally for them, they are able to learn how to be social. Since you have the luck of starting this journey very early, this will help Camden all the more. In the last few years Kyle has made so much progress.. While he is not Mr. popularity, he has actually made a few true friends.. I have no doubt that he will find someone to go to prom with him someday because has has 2 little girlfriends. (one in 1st and one in 2nd). We still have our ups and downs but each year he continues to amaze us and make tremendous progress.. I have no doubt this will happen for Camden too.. I am still here if you ever have any questions or need to talk..



Yes, relief. Peace to you guys Laura.

Alison Love

Whatever his future, he's lucky to have parents like you who take the time to find out his issues so that you can help him.

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