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((((Hugs))) What you are feeling emotion wise is very normal when you get a new diagnosis.. I agree, everything WILL BE fine.. I am glad to hear that you feel God's presence and encouragment.. Just remember God chose YOU to be Camdens mother. He knows you are up to the challenge of taking care of his special child..While raising a child on the spectrum can be difficult, we recieve such blessings being part of their lives...At times I wonder how life would be different if Kyle was not on the spectrum, but then again, I cant imagine him any other way.. Camden is a very lucky little boy to have a family who loves and cares for him so much..


I also believe that God gives the special children to the parents who can cope with all it entails. My nephew is autistic and he's a lovely young man now and finding his way in the world. I'm sure Camden will also find his way with your love, help and encouragement. Feel your way day by day xx


Camden is lucky to have a mother like you who looks to God for support. Phil.4:13

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