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First of all, I just want to say that you are such an inspiration to me. You are an awesome Mommy. :)
My kids are plotting against me also. ;) It's been a tough couple weeks...but hopefully the 2 of them will chill out soon.
:( I don't understand the school system at all. Don't give up though, there has to be something or someone that can help you.
And lastly, you take such AWESOME photos! The kids are growing up so fast, and they are beautiful. :)


I was seriously about to email you Girl! I was getting worried about you.
I understand though. Are all kiddos going through the same stage right now, because I've been struggling lately too?!
The school thing doesn't make sense. I'm sorry that you're having to fight them. Do you think there's anyone who could help you? It sounds like a hard thing to fight on your own.
I'm glad you're back! :)


All of those pictures are really good! You got some awesome shots!

Kal Barteski

Triple Arm Pump!

Amy Mowbray

Laura, keep fighting girl. Threaten them with a child advocate attorney. Just don't give up. You're a wonderful mom.

I'll make you a new banner.

Tessie Biggers

Laura, I too am inspired by you! I'm not a SPED teacher but I am in the school system and all i can think is that if the School Board is giving you problems call your local School Board representative (ELECTIONS COMING UP) they'll break their back to get you what you want. Do you know who yours is?



Laura, those are some great pictures! I love the one of your older daughter and her blue eyes. Glad to hear from you again! Keep on keeping ARE a great mother!


Laura you are such an awesome mommy, You inspire me. Your children are so beautiful. You fight that school with all you have to get Cam where he needs to be. I learned that everything is a battle, UGH!! Why can't things just run smoothly?? I wish. I LOVE these photos you took. They are wonderful.

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