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how scary laura... i have been there and our kids at that age think, it's a game. but as our hearts sink when we can't find them, to our hearts in our throat when we do... so hard to be angry when all you wnat to do is kiss them and hug them... i'm so glad she is alright!!


Oh gosh how scary is that..... WOW! I am sooo glad that she is ok. ((hugs))


Oh laura, i have tears in my eyes reading this. It reminds me of last summer when this happened to me with madie at walmart. I remember the feeling or relief when i finally saw her little face at the service desk and yet the feeling of anger as well. Of couse like with you the anger goes away faster and your just happy to have them back with you... Glad Ella is ok...


I'm so glad you found your little girl!

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