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My rather feeble prays are on the way.
Best wishes

Kasie@~The Art of Life~

I love to see your creative things!

I'm praying for your Maw-maw. (((Hugs)))
And for you. I know all too well how hard it is.

Nicki Lundeen

My prayers have been sent. I know how terribly hard this is for you and your family. My thoughts are prayers are with you.


all my love goes out to your family and you!! and what is that etch a sketch thing you keep showing off??

keep your head held high.. be there for her.. and you will help her get through what ever the prognosis is.. know that no matter what, she can fight with the love of family and friends.. and many prayers...


I know I'm late.. but your grandmother is in my prayers. I recently lost my own due to a severe blood disease she fought for 5 years, but she was suffering so very much and the good Lord took her home and put her at peace. God Bless, and tell your grandmother how much she means to you and everything else you wish you could say, but never did. You'll be glad you did. :)

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