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Im still waiting on you to tell me "SIKE!" LOL I am really excited for ya'll!!! I can't wait! LOL


Laura.I know how you are feeling right now. Shock...I think I am still in it at times. But you know if you need anything, I am here for you. ((hugs)) Congrats!

L y s h a

Congrats! That is so exciting and I'm sure a bit mind boggling! :)


wow. Congrats Laura! that is wild...

Jaime Romero

Hey.. I am not sure if you remember me. My husband worked with your husband for a while at ProLog. I just wanted to tell you both Congrats. That is amazing. I bet the kids are excited. Good Luck !!! Jaime


Congrats! My "babies," who were child #3 and child #4 for us are almost 2!


ok, again, keep forgetting to put on that code at the bottom.. i can't believe you are having twins! that is so exciting. you are an amazing mom.. and now you will be blessed with two at the same time. you will do amazing things and blow us all away... boys girls? any idea or are you waiting? hope you have lots of support.. you will need it from time to time.. even us super moms!

Desiree Norris

Girl,I was so very shocked when you told me,but ya know,it couldn't have happened to a more wonderful mother. You are such a great mom and an inspiration to the rest of us. I'm so happy for you!

Stacy (fellow homeschooling mom)

OMGosh! Laura! How exciting! You are already such a great mom. What a blessing YOU will be to these two new babies........


Congrats Laura.. OMG that is sooo awesome. How exciting for you and your family. :)

Brooks Hopkins

Twins are a blessing. I cherish my boys every day. They are my only two and like you I found out at 17 weeks! Congratulations!

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