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I knew they were identical! Just had a feeling:) My one friend had idenitcal boys. She kept one in blue and one in green. She kept on always on the right and one always on the left when they went down to sleep or in the car. She had everything color coded to match their colors she she knew who had what. LOL! Or you could just paint a toe nail:) LOL!I assume they are in different sacs? Right? In the long run, you will know who is who. Everyone else will just keep asking you! I am so excited for you!

Alissa look great! But if I were Jeromy's doctor I would be a little worried that he is not gaining enough weight for the babies:)


you look amazing and so very happy.. kids are always happy! congrats on your boys!! that is so very exciting!

Brooks Hopkins

Laura, I was scared I wouldn't know my boys apart either but Riley was noticably smaller than adison. I did put them in different colors early on and had different colored caps for our bottles too. What's funny is usually the older twin is a little bigger. I can even tell who is older in twins I see in pictures or just meet. Everyone else doesn't notice but you will notice it too eventually...unless I'm just a weirdo. LOL.


I am glad you are hanging in there and keeping could you not be busy?

So....while it doesn't help telling them apart at first, in the future (sippy cup time), invest in these bad boys

One of the best things I ever saw the mother of identical twins have. One color for each one and they went on everything...then Mom and the kids always knew which one to grab.

You look amazing!


when my twins were newborns we kept the hospital anklet on one for a while. Even though my boys looked different and where different sizes it did help when we were in a rush to know who was who right off


i have twin nephews... and since birth... ryan was always in red... R for Red... still makes it easy and they are now 10!


you look amazing! keep posting the belly pics pretty please!
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