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Cute Laura! I'm always needing cards and never having them. What a great idea to make some up ahead of time.


love these! nice work.


These are so cute ! I really need to start making cards... so much more personal.


These are so cute! Great job.

Amy Mowbray

Oh my gosh! I love your card. Too cute!

Amy Mowbray

cards, not card!


hi laura
just thought i would drop by and let you know that i was very proud of you and what you wrote with regard to Camden's diagnosis. i wanted to write sooner, but something held me back. he chose you to be his mother for a reason, never forget that. i am also thrilled that you are embracing your creative side still, not forcing it to the backburner. Continue to nuture yourself and access this outlet as a support. Have you cried yet? Of course you have, don't be affraid of any of the feelings and thoughts that come with the tears. Part of healing. Part of growing.
Thank you laura,


Hi! Where did you get that fabulous paper with the HELLO and all the scribbles?? Love it!! Please direct me to a website so I can buy it!! I'm desperate!! tee hee thanks, Cathy


Hello Laura

this may sound weird and stalker like BUT I am thinking about you and hoping you are OK. I am not a stalker (promise).
sending you good thoughts and a warm cup of tea,

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