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I love it! That picture of Maya, perfection. Laura, I am the same way when it comes to creating. Just like it took me two years before I started Dylan's scrapbook because I was thinking about what "syle" I wanted. I have a closet full of materials calling out my name!


I want to nibble on Maya! lol Love what you did... great job!


i love your blogs...they make me smile and cry at the same time....keep up the good work, you are a wonderful mother!!!


I love your "Daily Somethings!"
I completely understand the perfectionism thing. I battle with it all the time. If I look closely at myself, I can see that it's usually just fear of messing up.
Thanks for the reminder to not let fear rob you of joy.


you are a great mommy and so very creative.. i need to seak some of your scrapbooking ideas. :) i have three kids to get all caught up on... :) keep sharing girl...


GOSH I love your blogs. They are sooooo sooooo cute!! They make me smile. Little Maya is sooo adorable. :)

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