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I know we have already discussed this but your children are remarkable, smart, loveing and very very squishy! :D Plus they have a very dedicated mother who will do anything in her power to help them succed in life. Your awesome and in my prayers as always... Love you!


my heart goes out to you laura. you are such a strong person and you are doing EVERYTHING you can for your babies. all of them! i'm sorry to hear her diagnosis however you caught it alot earlier than many and i know you will find the best treatments for her as well. Camden is getting soooo big. love the longer hair. they all have grown so much. you are a great mommy!


A truly lovely family all around. It's amazing the difference that a year can make.
Best wishes

Kasie@~The Art of Life~

You have a precious family Laura,
and they are so blessed to have a Momma like you. :) No matter what ups and downs the journey may have, I know that God is with you, gently leading the way.


You are a wonderful mother Laura. I know that you will get through these obsticles just fine. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. :)

Love ya,


You have a beautiful family Laura! Each of your children are unique. They are "fearfully and wonderfully made" :) You are are very blessed.

God Bless! :)



Wow, on getting a 2nd diagnosis. You are really blessed though. You were chosen to raise special children because you are such a special mom. Kyles autism/aspegers is on the mild side and he is thriving in a regular class in 3rd grade. I have no doubts that your kids will thrive as well. Finding out while they are so young is a godsend.. As you know from Camden early intervention is such a good thing. All 3 of our children are so beautiful!


Laura, You do have such a precious family. I admire so much about you and the way you spend so much quality time with your children. I have 4 now and know that it will be so much harder for me to do that. I hope I can do at least half of what you do!


Sorry it took me so long to respond...but I know that your children are amazing and they have an amazing mother doing everything she can for them. ((hugs)))

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