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Love Cam's hair... LOVE THE BIG BELLY(my mom says its triplets! HAHA)

Beth B

I love lots of things about this blog...your belly, Cam's new haircut, you're determination to organize your house (i'm attempting to tackle that one myself).
Congrats on your new puppy...Brad calls me Darlin' so I'm fond of that name :) But if I can think of anything else I'll try to pitch in a few ideas.


i keep forgetting to put the code down so my comments post.. sheesh.. puppy is perfect. i always wanted one! your kids will be so happy with her. and you look amazing!! you are a beautiful mommy and mommy to be.. that belly is perfect. should take a couple of pics from your point of view... down.. it's a great shot of your belly that way. :)


Hey Laura.....if you need some of these tags I have a ton. We use them in my classroom. I could hook you up if you want some. :) BTW my mom is interested in a photo shoot for my brother....09 graduate I went to your website but it wouldn't load up? :)
Tessie Biggers

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