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Brandi T

LOVE the photo's, Miss ya'll!!! Can't wait till the ultra sound, its going to be so much fun! :)


I had 4 kids ages 4 and under for a year. Blessings to you!

Kasie@~The Art of Life~

I thought I had left a comment on your last post but I guess I forgot to do the verification part, lol.
Congratulations! I can't imagine what a surprise it would be to discover twins! But also very exciting. You're a great Momma, Laura and I'm sure you're just going to roll right with this. My husband is one of 6 and they're all so close. It's great. Big families are fun.
You look so cute with your belly! :)


ok, i just typed all of this and hit the wrong button again! :)

you are aloud to feel out of sorts and take a moment to let all of this soak in.. i can only imagine what it is like to have 8 limbs and to be able to feel all 8 at 14 weeks is just a gift! you are a wonderful mom, your blessed, and you are amazing!

can't wait to hear more storeis of your experiences...

how are the kids taking the news? i know they are young.. but young ones can say the most amazing things...

you are a blessed woman with all that you have, the people around you, your family.. take care and keep in touch when you can... you have your hands full!


ps.. you look amazing!

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