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Besides mine, your kids are the prettiest I have ever seen!

Jennifer Chupp

thanks for sharing! what a lovely family you have! i know what you mean about being inspired to do things but not have the energy. my problem is similar; i just don't have the time (stupid job!). you'll get there! 5 weeks to go...almost there!


As always..you look great and the kids are cuter than ever:) Hope you get a moment to create that special something for the twins...heck, do what you want, the things that need to be done will always need to be done:) The only thing that needs to be done is for you to get some relaxing time (I know, I know) before those babies come!


I swear you are one of the cutest pregnant women I've ever seen! LOL and I always sit here and look at the pics you post and think wow..they are such a beautiful family!

Gosh only 5 weeks! That's so exciting and I bet the kids can hardly wait!

Hope you get that moment you need to relax and do something creative!


Amy Mowbray

Laura, you look so cute!!!! (and the kid too!)

Casey Kazmann

Your family is so beautiful and I cannot wait to see the new additions!


do the want to's while you have the inspiration...the have to's will always be there...

If I put off the fun stuff til I got everything in order... Jesse would be 18!
You look great! I love your smile- those go a long way when prego!
what an amazing gift to carry 2 little babies!! your kids are beautiful!


Ahh, my babies how i miss those little munchkins and my BFF!!! You look great as always ;).... can't wait to get the call that its TIME! :)

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