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Stacey Potter

Congrats! They are so beautiful!


Congrats sweetie! Your labor sounds so wonderful! The boys are adorable. The last picture had me cracking up!


I still can't believe they are here sometimes and just how awesome it was that i was able to be a part of it all(thank you for that). Love y'all!


Laura Reaux

I'm so glad you were able to be here through it all, too. :) Crazy to think they will already be 3 weeks on Sunday, huh?


I so love the little name arm tags - LOL! That is sooooo cute!
Congrats - xoxo


they are amazing laura... as are you! again, you are mother earth! to have no problems, natural child birth... and only 7 min apart. so proud of you... i know you are having some tough nights and days... but you will work it out and find a pattern that works for all of you... take care!


Oh my goodness...that stretching photo is hilarious! I love it. Congrats again mama!

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